Talking is silver, taking action is golden

Experiences with business dialogues

By Maren Leifker, Business and Human Rights Officer at Bread for the World

One thing is certain: dialogues between civil society organisations and companies on human rights issues are very much in vogue. It takes place both in an institutionalised form in so-called multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSI), in which political representatives generally also take part. The number of MSIs in Germany has risen sharply in recent years. Examples of this are the Textile Alliance, the Cocoa Forum and, since February 2020, the “car dialogue” initiated by the Ministry of Labour. There are also numerous dialogue processes between individual or several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and companies, some of which are supported by critical shareholders or investors. Full article

Easing of lockdown must be done carefully to save lives

by Bishop Jo Seoka

The Covid-19 lockdown has taught some of us that people would rather choose money over life.

The easing of the lockdown, particularly in industries such as mining, has confirmed what Paul Getty, an American financier once said: “The meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral resources.”

It is true that miners or any other blue-collar workers toil so hard but die poor, while those who own the means of production accumulate money by any means opportunity avails.

There is sufficient evidence that since the mines were given the privilege to reopen their plants and call miners back to work, there has been an increase in deaths resulting from Covid-19.

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